"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

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Canadian Women in Computing

ACM-W Goal

This website provides information about women in computing in Canada.

The website includes statistics about the number of women in computing over the years and provides other resources on gender issues in general.

Dr. Julita Vassileva currently the ACM-W Ambassador. She is also the Cameco NSERC Prarie Chair on Women in Scince and Engineering.

ACM-W Mission

The mission of ACM-W is to celebrate, inform and support women in computing, improve their working and learning environments, and to work with the ACM-W community of women,educators, employers and policy makers to achieve these goals.

ACM-W has taken steps to build an international scope on women in computing via its Ambassador Program. This program, which started in the 1999-2000 fiscal year, identified one ACM-member computer scientist or information technology professional in a targeted country to become an ACM-W Ambassador. The Ambassadors' duties are to provide ACM-W with information on programs, conferences, organizations and people that are involved in solving the issues related to women in computing in their country. The Ambassadors are also tasked with maintaining a web site for their country accessed through ACM-W's website.

The goals of ACM include the sponsoring of international programs and other activities such as international workshops. The ACM-W Ambassador Program gives ACM-W a strong international presence and ability to impact women in computing efforts worldwide. The Ambassador program has made significant progress in this area, increasing the reach of ACM into new communitites.